Engage With MailCot in Retail & Ecommerce Industry

Retail & Ecommerce email marketing is a set of strategies that help businesses increase their sales by promoting awareness and interest in their products.

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Why Retail & Ecommerce businesses prefers us

Our Special Features

If a company manages to choose the right advertising strategy and effective tools, it will get profitable business growth and higher return on investment. Retail businesses needs email marketing with these three steps

Better ROI


Direct communication

Valuable feedback



We Offers

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Email Marketing

With powerful functionality that allows businesses to move quickly.

Drive more sales with email marketing that really resonates.

Included with...
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Campaign Builder
  • List Management
  • List Segmentation
  • Personalized Mails
  • Reports and Analytics
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Email Automation

Retain your customers with automation flow according to customers Segment

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Transactional SMTP

Send Notifications of Signup, OTP and reminders with integration our Transactional SMTP Service

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Email API

Intergrate our Email API with your CRM or System with channelised emails through our network

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Lead Nurturing

Nurturing your leads with our platform , give points and covert it from lead to customers

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Happy Clients

Get Best Deal

Get Unbelievable Service

Marketers all over the globe love MailCot For Ecommerce Industry

and there are numerous reasons why...


Welcome email

Encouraging engagement with your brand


“Requesting for referral” email

Increase Conversion with Segmentation


“Giving an unexpected freebie” email

Provide your clients and leads with a more personalized approach


“Your order confirmation” email

A great brand reputation shows consumers' trust in your brand and that consumers are confident to do business with you


“Incentivizing your customers” email

Rewards can and do build customers' loyalty, and most companies now appreciate how valuable that loyalty can be


“Enhancing your experience” email

For customers who have logged in to your site, added items to their basket and then left.


“Thank you for being with us” email

Creating brand awareness is a key step in promoting a new product or reviving an older brand


Post-Purchase Info

Post purchase emails are that sent after the customer has made a purchase


“Sending relevant updates” email

Personalized email communication increases engagement


“Replenishment reminder” email

Keep your audience in the know of updates, news, and releases related to your product, services, or company


“Important Event Days” email

Discounts to tell your customers about.


“Share your Feedback/Survey” email

A follow-up message sent to someone who leaves a website without purchasing


"Review Request" email

Cost- effective - the costs of email marketing can be much lower


"Back-in-Stock" email

Specific type of promotional email directly tied with the change of season or a specific holiday


"Account security Related" email

These emails often sent discount during the month of a customer’s birthday and giving them a personalized reason to shop.


"Order Related" email

These are emails, sent to customers who purchased an item.